We focus exclusively on our core business, which enables us to provide our services at attractive prices and with short processing times.

Processing times

We will inspect your existing labels and prepare the necessary text and translations within five working days (Exception special foods: 10 working days).


Standard products are charged at flat rates.
The creation of the declaration of a standard product with more than 20 ingredients in the list of ingredients is charged according to time and effort. We recommend that you request a quote.

Special foods and foods with nutritional or health claims are charged according to time and effort. We recommend that you request a quote.

Here you can set filters if you are looking for something specific.

ServiceFoodNon FoodPer wordMinimal lumpsum
Labelcheck Belgium / DeutschCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Belgium / DutchCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Belgium / FrenchCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Finland / FinnishCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Finland / SwedishCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Luxembourg / DeutschCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Luxembourg / FrenchCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Switzerland / FrenchCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Switzerland / GermanCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck Switzerland / ItalianCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for AlbaniaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for AustraliaCHF 350.00CHF 350.00--
Labelcheck for AustriaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for Bosnia & HerzegovinaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for BulgariaCHF 325.00CHF 325.00--
Labelcheck for CanadaCHF 512.00--
Labelcheck for ChinaCHF 425.00CHF 425.00--
Labelcheck for CroatiaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for CyprusCHF 325.00CHF 325.00--
Labelcheck for CzechiaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for DenmarkCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for EstoniaCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for FranceCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for GermanyCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for GreeceCHF 325.00CHF 325.00--
Labelcheck for HungaryCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for IcelandCHF 425.00--
Labelcheck for IrelandCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for ItalyCHF 170.00CHF 170.00--
Labelcheck for Jordan--


All foodstuffs, including special food products (food supplements, supplementary nutrition, etc.); we do not carry out checks on medical products (Swissmedic)


Commodities (consumer goods, cosmetics, products for contact with mucous membranes, skin and hair, candles, matches, lighters and joke items), toys and commodities for children, aerosol packaging, fertilisers, biocides and pesticides, pet food